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Though you may not recognize the face, if you have ever been to Grizzly Peak and complimented one of our house made soups or desserts, this is the lady you were thanking! Lori Lawrence has been a valued employee in our kitchen for a number of years and just when we thought we couldn’t be prouder of her and all she does for us—Lori stopped me just this week and told me she’s written a book about her life in Ann Arbor and at GP, talking about some of today’s toughest issues including depression, childhood cancer, autism, and more. She is looking to publish her book! Please help us, help her make this happen by making a contribution today: https://www.gofundme.com/autobiographical-selfpublishing. #notjustourprepcook #grizzlypeak #followyourdreams

An aspiring fashion journalist from the Midwest on her journey to New York City. Feel free to listen to me ramble about headlines, hemlines, and everything in between." That's our girl, Genevieve Moore! GP couldn't be happier to have her on our team while she sets her sights to conquer the fashion world. When she's not busy with her blog and school, Genevieve helps to make Grizzly Peak a more beautiful place too by serving our many guests.

Check out her thoughts at, https://headlinesandhemlines.wordpress.com/2017/10/12/designer-spotlight-elsa-schiaparelli/
And then stop by GP and say hello! #notjustyourserver #grizzlypeople

You know when you are soooooo fabulous that just one job could never do you justice? That's why our guy, Michael Moore, has to spread his creativity and passion not just behind the bar at Grizzly Peak, but also behind the chair at Salon 220, located at 3368 Washtenaw. Oh, and if you're wondering about that client in the chair? That's his pup, Shade, and his fabulousness knows no bounds either. #damnwerelucky #notjustyourbartender #grizzlypeak #pupsonthepatio

It doesn't get much sweeter than this girl! GP was truly blessed the day that Janelle Tamagni decided to join the team and if you have spent any time at the Peak or Den bar you will likely recognize that smile. Lucky for the crew here, Janelle isn't just here to make our guests smile but she's kind enough to keep the staff smiling too. And there is no faster way to the heart of this crew than homemade dessert. Thanks, Janelle for ALL that you do!

When you start life with a dad like this and you start your career with a job like Grizzly Peak, you know your destined for greatness. You can Stop by Grizzly Peak and Brittney can pour you a beer, or stop by Hands Across the Water, where she works as an Adoption Specialist, and she could change your life. Brittney's not just working, she's giving back too and we couldn't be prouder.

If you have spent anytime at Grizzly Peak, you probably have laughed at, with, or about this girl.
But when Annie's not here keeping us smiling, she's with this handsome boy, her son, Branden